Enough of writing about the soul-wrenching dilemma between C. and I; thought I could concentrate on something else for a change. 

I recently decided I would like to become an anthropologist.  I am realizing that lovers may come and go in my life, but education is something no one can take away from me (hmmm…..I think my parents may have told me something like this a few years back, but did I listen?  Of course not). 

My student loans are out of default at last, I can apply for financial aid and entry to the grad school at the university here in town, and hopefully be admitted for next fall.  I hope they accept me even though I was not an anthropology undergrad.  I will need to talk to someone in the department about that.  But I think I read somewhere on their website that they will just make me take some extra intro anthro classes.  And I did take a number of anthro classes as an undergrad anyway, just because I enjoyed it. 

I will contact a couple of my old anthro professors and ask them to be references for me.  One of them won't remember me at all (it was a large class a number of years ago) but maybe he can look me up in his records or I can email him scans of some of the work I did for his class (I got almost straight A's in his class).  The other professor I'm thinking of will know who I am, and I know he likes me so he will be a good one.  They both work for the university that I will be applying to, so even better.  Also, some of my art history professors might be good references, especially the one who taught the class on art in the pacific.  It was anthropology-related.  

It is a year until I will be able to start school, though.  I can prepare for it, but also in the meantime maybe I will work on my art, and try to sell some.  The icon idea is not quite working for me.  It's not fine artsy enough, yet I'm not trained in the orthodox style so it's not good enough for them, either.  I am going to change it up, maybe do a combination of traditional orthodox icon and celebrity portraits or something like that.

The nannying job is a good start for making some money, but it's not very intellectually stimulating.  Luckily it's only for half the day.

I'm also going to concentrate more on friends, both close by and long distance, and on having people over for play dates with my son.  

I know what needs to be to enrich my life, and I know how to go about doing it.  So I shall! 😉   


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