Man Im so annyoed with how things have been lately.Work has been stressful. My mannager rode my ass to yesterday about every little mistake…uh it seems like im the only one getting in trouable with things i see everyone do. I was really trying not to loose it.I dont wanna loose this job!I'm trying to start my life…my grandma isnt gonna let me live with her forever not that id want to if she did. but…idk.. my BF hates it too…he works in the meat department at my store.Uh he's looking 4 another job…but he dosent need the benifits i do…so i might be putting up with this bullshit 4 a long time if they dont fire me first ( knock on wood).uh…My BF's roomates are driving me insane…like not paying the rent and having him pay it all…for the billionth time in arow…or having some freak melt down and leaving him on the side of the road. UH!!I worry about him too much i know but…they take advatage of him and i dont like it.Me and my bf are spose to go to a wedding in new york for his friend but…its not a good time.the lease ends soon on his aparment and we wanna get a place togther…a trip 2 new york would b nice it cost us alot tho…so theres that..I'm still trying to get my licence and i want to get it before i move out….but i lost my wallet and its been a bitch geting everything i lost replaced.My gram wont take me on the highway untile i get my permit back. uhh… and there is saving for a car…my gram telling me she wont pay for my meals so…its been stressful…my axitey has been high even with the meds…I feel just anxios not sick like i did when i didnt have my meds.


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