So I finally finished my medical assistance papers late last night would have been done sooner but family members were dragging their feet on giving me the information I needed as usual . Why must they make everything 10 times harder than it needs to be? I have enough other things going on without them getting in the way. Sent the papers off today so hopefully within a week I should get a letter saying whether I am accepted or denied . If I am denied I still have options it will just be a pain to have to waste more time filling out more papers plus the other option won't cover the same places & possibly not as good…but I can't afford any of them on my own so it is the only choice I have right now! Why are these types of programs so expensive? U think helping people would be enough but no they have to get rich as well! Have had my mind spinning for days now & not sure how to make it stop!!! I am quickly running out of money & time!!!!!! I can hardly afford gas to get me to counseling even if my parents pay for the counseling anymore. Looking for a job but with my medical issues the options are limited which isn't helping in an already hard job market. So I have no clue how I am gonna pay for gas, or my prescriptions anymore . And since my parents are threatening to take away counseling as well I am feeling like just shoot me now!!!!!!! I don't know what to do I am at my breaking point with no where to go even if I get into a program I can't afford gas for 4 days a week! Their is no way out of this situation….this is rock bottom!!!!!!! And my parents don't give a damn anymore if I can't sleep,eat, or just get through 1 day without wanting to just end it because their is no way out. And don't freak out I am not suicidal I am in the phase of God just kill me, run my car into a tree, something quick,pain free, & that doesn't hurt anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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