This has been an interesting week since I’ve found out I have OCD. It makes sense though.

My Biggest issue is planning out what needs to be done and internally freaking out when the plan changes, I’m late or something doesn’t get done. I tend to either shut down and give up on the rest of the plan or lash out on the person who makes the plans got they know throng. My husband refers to these episodes as “hissy fits”

Another issue is when I know how something is supposed to be. It absolutely drives me insane when one of my kids does something that they know they are not allowed to do. It takes every ounce of strength not to flip out on them. Or when I am at work (managing a restaurant) and I have almost everything done and a customer comes in during the last few minutes and makes it so I have to re clean everything.

And finally my other big issue is getting interrupted. It happens all the time and I have found out that my coping mechanism in continuing my sentence from the syllable they cut me off at. Another thing my husband hates and starts a fight over.

Well that’s me rolled up.

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