I’m so exhausted, but I am supposed to stay strong and keep pushing for the ppl that “care” about me, but if they really did care wouldn’t they want me to do what will make me happy? Maybe it’s time to say good bye and let go? I can’t keep doing this and things aren’t getting better. The days are going by slower and slower and no matter what I seem to do I am always in a bad mood and never can feel good about myself… Like there is nothing that I have been able to try that has helped me…. So I honestly don’t know how much longer I can hold on, but I will continue to do my best….


  1. eldergeek 3 years ago

    Courage, warrior. Don’t stop. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. You can do it, I know you can because I have for many years, and I’m nothing special at all. So I know you can.

    Cling to hope. FIGHT for it. Fight for you – because you are worth it. You are, no matter what you think. You are because that is the TRUTH of it. So many of us struggle – the BEST of us struggle and the would would honestly be less if you decide to move on.

    Stay here – struggle with us. Have courage, warrior. I believe in you – someone you don’t even know. I believe.

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  2. cece0186 3 years ago

    Jason, I didn’t know you felt this bad…..you want to be a doctor right? (well maybe) but think about that. Imagine, you get a degree, you become a doctor, you get paid amazing money that can provide for you & your future family if you want one. You can start a new life, with a new beginning. There’s this thing that someone told me that before it get’s better, the dark becomes darker. I believe in this bc uhh well, it happened to me & yeah….but keep fighting. Keep fighting for Peachy and mostly yourself. Please hang in there.

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    • Author
      jason01 3 years ago

      I dont even deserve peachy.. I should just die and not tell anyone….

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      • ky-crayolaa 3 years ago

        No, Jason. You do deserve her, she makes you happy, you make her happy, and that’s all that matters. So many people care, even if you don’t think so. Please don’t kill yourself Jason, please. You are so worth more than you get. In time, things will fall into place I promise

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      • cece0186 3 years ago

        NO!!!! Jason, you deserve Peachy all the way

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