So im new to this site!

and i guess im supposed to share what im suffering from with my "ocd" if thats what it is ….

i have been watching the show obsessed and everything alot of these people are going threw are pretty simmilar to what im going through!

so what i go through i find pretty bad its really stressful and not good for me clrealy

so i have a fear of choking on food there for i cant eat as im affraid i might choke even just having something in my mouth scares me tremendously i panik  start to think something bad is gonna happen to me a might die on and on and on it happend a few years ago i think it came from seeing my mom choke of rice and watching my brother give her the hymlik if thats how its spelt but anyways after that i had a fear of choking but it never bothered me that much i guess here and there  but now i just cant eat my diet consists of tomato soup and ice cream !!

i spit constantly cause i think there might be something in my mouth so i spit to make sure there isnt 

the first time this happened to me it made me soo depressed cause i didnt know what was wrong with me i was on the ice cream and tomato soup diet for about 2 years i ate a tub of ice cream a day and 2 cans of soup … i seen doctor after doctor and no one did anything for me i thought i had no hope till i seen one doctor she stuck and tube down my throat to see how my swallowing contrations were and that kind of stuff and after the test she said " theres absolutly nothing wrong with you if you wanted you could eat a burger and be totally fine" so i went home and throught id try it but i tried noodles took one noodle held one end and started swallowing the rest then pulled it out and it felt fine so i ate a pack of noodles felt fine and i started to feel releived next day i went for a run as a celebration cause i could eat and i can  have some energy now  as time went on i started eating everything like i was prior to this happening i felt happy again but at the same time i always thought about the problem everytime i ate, then about a year later it came back  and now its here and i dont know what to do once again!!!


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  1. JCOTES 14 years ago

    thanks for the tip… ill give that a try!!

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