1. I was ranting in a blog a couple weeks ago or something about people slandering an old employee who had contamination obsessions, saying how much they hated her and tried to stir her up on purpose.  [br][br]
    2. there’s a guy here who I have hated for so many months, and I don’t really ‘hate’ people but him…yeah.  He is so sexist, for a start, but then recently he’s just become so nasty in general, he calls every women including his own young daughter ‘a lunatic’, and then just now was glancing over at the TV in our waiting room and saying ‘look at that guy, he’s massive!’ and other person I’m stuck working with all day who I don’t like either, she’s like ‘who is it?’ he says ‘I don’t know, some really fat loser’ then he won’t stop going on about it, how fat and ‘disgusting’ he is, and she’s then there saying ‘and is he Chinese?’ over and over like it has something to do with it? Then ‘because they’re not usually fat are they?’ I’m just amazed at the stereotypes and insults flying around, then he says ‘no…he looks like a typical American – can’t stop eating’ it goes on and on.  And on top of this, I’m sitting right here, in front of him, and I’m like hello???  I’M American!  Surely you can’t have forgotten that, you total a*****e.  and then he glances at me and I really shot him a dirty look and he looked away.  I just can’t believe him.  I’ve complained about him before but uh…he’s a DIRECTOR.  Just one more reason I’m trying to quit asap.[br][br]

3. this same guy also yesterday said another director was out at lunch with his wife, and therefore has to be getting drunk, because his wife is enough to make you slit your wrists.  this is after she's housed him how many times because his own girlfriend kicks him out of the house so much because apparently she's 'a lunatic'.

 [br][br]Lc, the estate agent thing – I told the guy I was going to get a lawyer, like on e of those ‘no win no fee’ law firms, and the guy just said ‘okay’ really calmly.  Now I thought, and other people have instantly said as well, that means he’s used to it, they’ve got similar trouble from other tenants.  As my old manager at my old job said once she was watching one of those watchdog shows on tv about estate agents and they were on it, so I reckon one way or another I’ll be getting my money back.  It’s just unfortunately probably going to take an unnecessary amount of time and energy, but what can you do?  We need that money, and I think the company should be shut down for the good of society – businesses like that just shouldn’t be allowed. [br][br]Spoke to our childminder yesterday, and she said actually handing in her notice the day before was her chickening out from talking about the things that concerned her.  Then she proceeded to give reasons why she thought our son was suffering child neglect.  Okay first of all, I listened to all her reasons and I’m like…those aren’t reasons to make such an assumption.  Him coming in ONE morning with a soiled nappy because I gave him a banana in the morning to keep him going before he had breakfast at her house, and he obviously did something in the 20 mins between that time and being dropped off with her, does not automatically mean that he never gets changed at home.  I just couldn’t believe it.  And she had the nerve to tell me his hair was never brushed, and I’m like okay first of all, that alone doesn’t constitute neglect, but secondly I am NEUROTIC about his daily routine, and part of that is ALWAYS brushing his hair, because I am all about making him look nice and proper and well-kempt, and also because I’m aware that some people really think appearances imply what’s going on underneath, so of course his hair is always brushed – can I help it if he’s got incredibly bushy wild curly hair and as soon as I’ve brushed it he even intentionally, to be funny, smears it all around with his hands??  And furthermore…just talk to me?????????  And I was getting really tense and sighing a lot like ‘wtf’ and she said ‘this is why I was so nervous about talking to you about it’ and I’m like what?  No matter how pissed off or upset I get by anything you say, I’d rather you talk to me so I can tell you why it’s all bs rather than hand in your notice and leave us without someone to watch him.  And anyway…I’d like to think that she’d have the confidence to, if someone WERE neglecting their child, do something about it, not just rinse her hands of it so she doesn’t have to worry anymore.  I don’t donate to child protection charities because I want people to ignore the problems out there – the REAL problems.  But I just couldn’t believe it.  Not just that but some of her issues were just george’s forgetfulness, and I couldn’t believe that, but then again I felt a bit frustrated because it drives me nuts and then it’s got us in trouble somehow, and even if it wasn’t anything actually a problem (like he keeps forgetting which day she gets paid on, Monday or Friday, keeps doing it on a Monday like our old childminder), still like…oh george.  But I was saying you know you may think george is irresponsible and impractical, but he’s not, he is just INSANELY forgetful, and the way we work as a couple is: I’m insanely neurotic about everything and get all the practical stuff sorted, and he’s the one who reminds me to just calm the hell down and smile!  If I were gone, yeah things were fall to pieces, but if he were gone, I’d just be angry and depressed and thinking about death all the time – don’t you dare insult him like that. [br][br]Anyway…it got resolved amicably enough, so it’s okay.  But I just feel…so drained…so like…people…go away!!!  But I’m looking forward to going home tonight and seeing george and percy and eating frozen pizza, so that’s keeping me cheery.

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  1. Sany27 15 years ago

    That boss of yours sounds like a reall ashole and that baby sitter is sounds like bitch. Sorry to use the full words here but I prefer it this way. I wouldn't be too worried about your boss, just ignore him as much as possible and keep giving him bad looks, he'll get the picture he is not liked at all and when he sees he isn't getting any attention from anyone he wont be making nasty comments anymore. Your baby sitter is so unreasonable, I can't believe she is calling messy hair neglect and dirty nappy. That's what babies do and they can't keep their hair all perfect. I believe she has other reasons for trying to give her in her notice but I'm sure you'll find out in time. If you sorted the things out and she still seems genuine then I'm happy for you. It's hard having to look for another baby sitter and learn to trust them and get them into the routine.

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