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Yesterday we decided to go waling thorugh a trial in a really nice park. My boyfriend enjoys hiking and the outdoors, as do I. I figured since he was in the place he loves most, it might be a good time to bring up the fact that i have been researching this issue and that I joined this group..=)    We sat and talked by a lake for about a haf an hour. The talk went well and i actually explained how the tribe is helping me and allowing me to see different people and their situations with OCD and relationship issues….. He seems to think that his outburst the other night is triggered by his anger issues and has nothing to do with his OCD. I feel that they are greatly related and intertwined… I feel they feed off of one another. He is very stubborn and does not like when i seem to know more about his disease than he does…He came back with some things such as, I know more than you, I have researched this and I have lived with it my whole life….I understand that, but I feel that he is with someone now who actually loves him and gives a hoot about him. Before he has felt rejected and shunned…For most of his lfe hewas rejected….I know some stuff but not all….I ffell liek counseling will help….we had a good talk and a little arguing, but wound up holding hands in the end. I really love him and want to be with him….The rain cloud comes when I leave his house that night to go home and he sends me a test telling me that he had off all week and Wednesady night was the only night i attempted to make plans with him…which is downrigh  lie. He had things to do Tuesday and we have church at different place on Friday. I will be with him and my whole family Saturday and him and his whole family on Sunday…why does a great day and some progress need to end in such a messed up way? I ant to understand it?

  1. dmaljus 13 years ago

    ive done what hes done.  wait a whole weekend then bring something up before i leave.  i know when i do something like that im reaching out for reassurance.   most of the time thats all i need.  sometimes, however, we end up in an argument.  the reason i end up waiting until the last minute is because logically i know how im thinking isnt the way it is.  but when im getting ready to leave and its time to let go for a few days then my ocd takes over.  its hard to deal with someone when they react to things this way.  but if you can keep in mind its because he loves u and needs that reassurance then it might be a little easier for u to deal with.\"\"

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  2. ancientgeekcrone 13 years ago

    Cause his ocd took over.  He probably does everytime he gets upset.

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  3. Giclav120882 13 years ago

    Yeah, alot of the times he does start a fight over the phone or right when I am leaving….but I do reassure…and most of the time he jsut says I am liying or that Im just saying it to make him feel better…..

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