This is a new thing for me so it feels a little awkward..bare with me. I’m 24 and have always had little bough’s of anxiety here and there since middle school age. This year, I was in my second year of my college program, when my anxiety seemed to take on a completely new form. I was a at a point where I felt like I had no control over my emotions and I lost the ability to deal with just about anything. I couldn’t stop crying or obsessing or freaking out, and I could never really pinpoint what exactly what triggering me. I finally went to my Dr. and was put on a medication along with the suggestion for a counselor. With school being so crazy and trying to graduate I never was able to make an appointment but for awhile my anxiety seemed to subside and I felt like I was on track again. I have a only a couple encounters since then and what thinking that medicine really did the trick. So fast forward to a few days ago, I finally graduated college with my degree and was offered a job! Should be a super exciting time, however I am just stuck in another anxiety ridden, depressed mood and I cannot even pinpoint why. I should be happy, I am still working and I have a great family. I just cant control this feeling of worry and sadness. Ive tried looking into some coping skills and mechanisms or tricks other people use in order to feel in control again. If anyone has any feedback I would so greatly appreciate it!


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