Hey everyone,

I’ve been off work for nearly a week now, and I have cooked A TON, which seems to be a huge piece of my replenishment pie. I’ve been neglecting this beloved part of myself, making mostly quick dinners over the past month and a half, because by the time I’d get home from work, I’d be so exhausted that I’d want to get dinner over with and move onto dishes, bath time, and straightening up. I haven’t made much creative or reflective time for myself outside of occasional journaling, so giving myself this break has been phenomenal. I’ve made healthy foods, baked sweets, and read recipes for some things I’m so excited to make. My husband made an interesting observation the other day. I asked him if he wanted to join me in the kitchen while I rolled out some turkey-veggie meatballs, and he looked at me a little confused, saying, “I kind of thought the kitchen was YOUR space; it’s where you’re most zen.” Now, whether he was trying to get out of meatball rolling or trying to give me my creative space, I’m grateful for the reflection. I do feel most whole when I’m making nourishing food for my loved ones and taking care of my body. It’s amazing what giving yourself permission to rest (and doing so guilt-free) can do!

I feel like I’m reconnecting with me. I’ve been caught in an anxiety story for nearly 2 months, and I just got to the point that I either needed to take action or was going to continue to ruminate in the misery. I like to run from my “scary emotions,” like fear, anxiety, and self-doubt, which as I’m sure you know, only exacerbates all of that. So now, I’m confronting those things head on with some mindfulness through meditation, therapy, and practicing self-care.

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