A: I was worried yesterday that i was coming down with something, but i woke up energetic and excited to be not feeling badly, and eager to figure out if I would feel totally okay. Then I started to observe i still had some congestion and sinus pressure.

B: My observation, that i’m mostly fine, is incorrect and I’m going to kill my parents by not beng sufficiently careful.

C: continously checking in with my body, wondering–what does a sneeze mean? what does this shiver mean?

D: by deep inner self knows that i’m okay, and this is my higher power. telling me to let go

rationally it also makes more sense to consider this allergies, given the kind of symptoms i’m having generally

cognitively i am indulging in emotional reasoning and jumping to conclusions.


E: have breakfast with my parents. Eat what i want and suffer the diarrhea if i have to. take a walk in the afternoon.  work outside your room. find ways to take breaks from the computer. make sure to exercise at some point.

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  1. shandamil 3 years ago

    I do a lot of these same things. It’s a daily, hourly, minute by minute struggle. I talk myself in and out of rational thinking every other thought. It’s so exhausting! My anxiety has been ramped to a totally new level now that I’m worried about an invisible virus

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