Yes a wonderful day, much good came of it…I managed to make it through the day even with my misguided expectations and lack of common sence at times…I have to remember that I am actually human and I am entitled to feel the way I do about many things.  I took my placement exam for college today as I am going back to school as I had mentioned earlier…I did much better than I anticipated and though I felt I didnt deserve the scores that I earned, I know I do.  This is all very new to me as is much of my life right now.  The kids were here for dinner and we went to the park and then came home and had some icecream.  I am learning how to be a better dad now and its exciting…I have a long way to go but I am getting there…  .  I also had my first session with my new C at OP.  It went better than I expected as well.  I want to move foreward with many things so the sooner the better on some of this psychotherapy stuff….I am working at Earleens tomorrow and have Op in the afternoon time.  I think that there is some UFC on tomorrow night and I would like to watch it.  Might not be a bad way to unwind.  I am rather proud of myself for today.  I did have the support of a good friend who has went out of their way for me…To you I say thanks! you know who you are.  I did have to separate out some drama from the evening…I seem to have wanted people to be there for me to share the excitment of my day…I forget that I isolated for a long time and really have no friends left right now…and yeah the world no longer revolves around me either…LOL…yeah I know it never did but there are times I want people to remember and notice things…but it is me who has to be ok with me and then the rest will come…oh yeah and I am now for the first time uploading this to "facebook" from here… so

  1. jefwheels 13 years ago

     Thanks for sharing Mike. I had a feeling you would do just fine on the exam. Give yourself a pat on the back once in awhile. You desreve it. I’m on FB also as well as a few others here. I’ll send you my user id if you want to connect there also. You have a good day brother. You are doing good stuff.  

    Johnny Wheels 

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  2. acemenom 13 years ago

    Those are rewards, brother. Becoming a productive and responsible member of society? Man thats good shit. It’s a far cry from how life used to be. Gratitude is showing it,living it. God Bless.

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