Everyone told me to get ready for the ride. To buckle up and hold on TIGHT.  A statement I have taken literally. Friday afternoon was like any other. I planned to take my daughter for a walk in the stroller. She's 3 months and loves it. I went to put her car seat on the stroller except there was one problem my daughter was no longer in it. I hadn't buckle it! She was laying on the sidewalk screaming. As I down I thought "that can't be Aluera". But it was. I ran to my neighbors and drove to the ER. They all assumed she'd be fine. I heard stories that others had done it as well. They asked it I wanted a CT done because she landed on the sidewalk and had cuts on the side of her face a head. I immediately said yes. She screamed and cried though it. Then we waited. The doctor came in and said "we have a problem, she had a bleed in her brain." They flew her to a trauma unit in a hospital 2 hours away. We couldn't fly with her. It tore me apart. I'm a stay at home mom and have never been away from her at all. The kept her at the PICU. More CT's were done. After 2 days they decided we could take her home the bleed had stopped, and gotten smaller. They expect her to make a full recovery with no brain damage. It was terrifying but, more so she was hurt and in pain. She was scared, but even braver than I was. With all the prayers from everyone, by the grace of God she is safe. Its easy to fall into routine and forget the simple things that are the MOST important. I know because my daughter got a skull fracture and a extra axil subdural hematoma. Please always buckle up and hold on tight.


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