Hello everyone! The picture is of the sunset that I viewed this evening   

First I arrived safely at the hotel.   It was a pleasant drive in general.   The sun was shining and I enjoy driving on the interstate.

However, I had a scare on the way here. It was on the interstate when a semi driver opted to change into my lane! My car and semi accident was avoided by me swerving into another lane and honking.   Guardian angels had to have been involved to keep me from hitting a car in the next lane over! I am grateful.

After arriving at the hotel.   I exercised in the hotel pool for my goal time!  Dinner was hummus and pita chips with pasta with spinach in the hotel room.  The room has a microwave and a fridge.

I watched a Jason Bateman movie! He is so good looking! I know I am married but I can notice Jason Bateman.

My birthday is coming up in December.    I want to stay at home and avoid Xmas decorations and music.  It is decided that this year we aren’t decorating the front porch for Xmas due to avoiding crime with so many people being out of work.  We don’t want our house to stand out.

Take care everyone







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