I want anybody reading this message to take a deep breath,relax and carefully peruse through the message i am about to pass accross because it will not only change your perception about life it will make you realize that life is not balance that the rich and poor are alike and there is no difference between the both of them emotionally but financially.

  I have carefully followed the story of britney spears rise to stardom and also her trying times and utmost rise back to fame with all the shortcomings of a failed marriage and her ouright depressed state before getting her groove back.

  I want you to pair yourself with britney spears ,she has all the money you could ever imagine in the world,good cars,plush houses,fame and fortune,wonderful career and what more she could afford to buy anything she wants in the world.

  But what happened to her she fell like a pack of card and became severly depressed that she lost custody of her kids,her husband,fame and fortune and also be a laughing stock to people all over the world.

   But what did she do,she could have decided to retire and take to her heels by resigning her fate and killing herself because she has seen it all,but no she did not let the world determine her faith,she took her destiny into her hands and worked her way back to fame and fortune.


 I want you to know that you cannot regain anybody that has died but you can get them back by getting your life back on track because that person did not die for you to suffer and cause yourself untold hardship.

  You can make it just the way our ever graceful and vivicacious britney spears has risen back to stardom by moving and shaking the world with her latest album that is toping the world chart in music.


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  1. Dee1116 12 years ago

    i totally felt for her as a sufferer of anxiety and depression i knew that is what she was going through i guess we can smell each other. i am happy the she got her life back.. true spoken word thank you..

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