I don’t know how it happened i guess it just came out of nowhere but as i was walking i fell into a hole and the hole was deep. I didn’t know how to get out. When I finally got out i ran as fast and as far as I could but i wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and once again for some reason another hole apeared out of nowhere. I fell into it…and i fell and fell and kept falling into this deeply dug hole. I thought I finally reached the bottom and was on solid ground for 3 months while i was slowly climbing up and out of the hole, clawing my hands in the dirt then all of a sudden the dirt let loose and i fell back to where i was before only thistime the hole fell loose and let me fall deeper and deeper into the darkness. I can barely see the light now. I don’t know how to escape. I only know that i will only have a chance of escaping if i know what caused me to fall in the hole in the first place. Only if i can figure out what memory or expierence i grabbed at and it let the dirt loose. but I can’t remember…i can barely come up with ideas of what might have caused this. i don’t know how to get out and no one realizes im down here they just walk right around the hole wihtout even looking in. No one sees me and I can barely see them now. The hole is dark, deep–so deep–and damp. I’m alone and scared. and no one is here. No one feels the way I do. Everyone walks past the hole and never stopss to think "I wonder where that girl went?"And The harder I dig at the dirt the more that falls on me burrying me to forever be forgotten.


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