I’m sure I will change my mood when I get a check in the mail… but for now, they suck!

I have to do all my back taxes too. I was a young and unknowing child when I started working, ok, ok I was 18… but still. I didn’t know ANYTHING about taxes and filing and all that pish posh. So now I am prompted by my grandparents to file all my back taxes, just in case. I hope to see some serious denominations coming my way. Although I never made that much, I am confident I will get at least $900 back from the past years, if not more.

I’m still waiting on my W-2 from that shady ass company I worked for back in Dec. They are so messed up. I want to sue them! But I wouldn’t get much heh. So I will wait, as impatient as I am, I will wait.

I am lonely tonite. I wish I had someone to occupie my evening. But alas, I am alone. I’m not sure where *Brittany is. *Alicia is out at club Bounce. She invited me. But I have no denero, so I could not go. I felt bad cause I really wanted to go, especially with her *blushes* I like her a lot! and I really want to spend some time with her. She seems to sweet and so genuine. Oh well.

James keeps reminding me that he wants me to move with him to South Dekota. I really want to. I want to be with him. But I am SO scared of him hurting me again. Yes, things seem to be different this time around. But I just don’t know. I’m scared of leaving everything I know. Being outside of my comfort zone. *sighs* decisions, decisions. Any suggestions?

Well I should find something productive to do. I am SO bored. Only boring people are bored, so its time to stop being a boring person =)

Take care.

*Brittany is a girl I originally met online. We have been talking for a while, I think shes adorable and I love her attitude. We met yesterday in person for the first time. And I felt so comfortable with her. She then came over last night after her class and stayed till about 12:10 am… we watched CSI LV and baked a cake… haha

*Alicia is another girl I met online who I find totally attractive! Shes sexy, not afriad and has helped me and listened to me so much lately, yet she bearly knows me. I feel even more comfortable with her. What makes it a bonus is shes so nice and so genuine and very down to earth.


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