So here's the deal. I got a job a couple of months ago as a car salesman. There is a lot of stigma on such a career and understandably so. This would be an ideal environment for me back in my using days. It's actually not such a bad gig and the money is great. My dilemna is that I never have any time. This job has consumed my life. I work around 65 hours a week. I make meetings when I can which is not very often. I'm usually late for my home group. I keep my intent first and foremost because sometimes that's all I have. I have my daughter most of the week and I'm lucky if I can get a few hours of quality time with her. I started dating and had to tell the wonderful lady about my demanding schedule and she had to be ok with that if we were to go any further. She is a blessing in that she is very understanding and patient.  I am frequently unhappy with the rigors of my job but I have Faith that it will change. Like I said, work consumes me. I didn't get sober to be miserable and I know for certain that money is not happiness. I applied for a job as an addiction counseler. I have an interview this week. I think I will get the job, they asked me to apply not the other way around. I guess I am going thru life on life's terms. I remember when things really sucked and no matter how bad I think things might be, I know its by far better than it was. I am very grateful to the program and the people in it. They/it has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. It will get better. Not sure really why I'm blogging this. I have opportunities and doors have been opened that were once closed. I am looking forward to life, the future looks better than I could have possibly imagined. His will, not mine. I really do hope I get that job though. Can you imagine, me being a counseler? Never would have thought such a thing. Me helping people. That's just a crazy thought.

  1. michaelcali 13 years ago

    Crazy…Nah….never forget we put alot of time and effort into our addictions, so how could it be absurd or crazy for us to come into a counselling position…Best of luck to you! MIKE

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  2. newwayoflife 13 years ago

    Not much difference between a used car salesman & a councler ?

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