Lets sit and relax and concentrate on this topic because it might even energize and juxtapose you into conducting research on how the united states of america came into existence.

 Do you know that the true owners of america are the red indians who were the first indeginious people that migrated into america before the upheavals and religious uprisings in Britain led the massive movement of aggreived ones into seeking for refuge in the new found land by chritopher columbus and john cabot of the mayfair institute.

 SOCIAL,RELIGIOUS,ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL problems  pushed almost every europeans into seeking for an alternative shelter for thhier lifes due to the intermittent wranglings and loggerheads between the stuarts kings in england and scotland and the house of commons in thier domain.

 The likes of newyork was formerly know as new netherland because it was the netherlands population that resides in it and so aslo is pensylvannia ,maryland,georgia,virginia,connecticut,delaware,iowa and so many more were primarilily housed by different populace in the europe including france the mosr potent rivals of britain as at the period under study.

 Africans as that that time were used for developmental purpose in the new world because it was an era where the europeans decided to massively develop the new world which is known as the americans of our today.they were exported out of africa to the new world in dehumanising manners that will not be meted to animals for purpose of labour and cultivation in the new world.

 The first slaves that was moved into america first arrived virginia were there was other movement into all other regions were they were used to massively develop the entire region of america.

  Africans should be eulogized because what all of you are enjoying are the sweat of all this indefatigable and tireless workers who were working day and night without any form of renumeration just to make america what it is today the so called developed world of today and why africa lost all its able bodied men because they were exported into the new world to develop it for you all.

  What i am trying to do here is to increase in you a feeling for research and findings so that the sterotypical view you have about africa will be doused and you begin to have a new perception about the continent of africa for you all to come up with an idea to support the african rennaisance.

 I wish you all a great day and want you to have it in mind that we all are from the same place and we shall all become great man and womane if you take charge of your awesome destiny.


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