So im gonna keep blogging. maybe track my moods or something.

so its monday 9th july, 7.41am. I have been back on my anti depression medication for almost a week. a week tomorrow. i think it takes maybe two weeks, even up to a month sometimes to start kicking in right? i have to be patient. I've been awake since 6.30am. not like me at all. i usually love my sleep. i just wake up early anxious these days.

time seems to go by very slowly, because im watching the minutes pass by on the clock.

sometimes i feel better when i get up and do things, instead of lying on my bed. but its very hard sometimes, you know? i gotta get up and go to work soon anyway. but work makes me very anxious at the moment.

ok so maybe i need to take things one day at a time, instead of worrying about the future. So….today. monday. i had some advice to keep busy and keep blogging. so today, my goal is to keep busy, to keep my mind off things. So, i'll go to work. ill try not to sit at my desk and worry. any tips for what to do when i sit down and get stuck in a worry pattern? my guess is to maybe get up and move somewhere else, or do something? Its my sisters birthday soon. ill get her a card after work. I'll make spaghetti with pasta sauce and vegetables for dinner.

after work ill try not to sit at the computer for too long. i'll get up and maybe go for a walk. i'll do the dishes after dinner. i'll write in my sisters card, tell her how much i love her.

Ok, so goal for today: keep busy. dont sit on bed too much after work. distract myself from my thoughts. i can do that. its only one day.

wish me luck guys. oh, and thank you simi for your comment on my last blog. it was great that you talked to me in private chat when i needed to talk to somebody, but not only that you also commented on my blog. you made a real effort. thanks for not making me feel like im annoying you 🙂


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