Almost finished a Thanksgiving blog here today. As many of you may know this site is not always the easiest to use. 🙁 Don't know if it was submitted or not. But here is a briefer version of it. Here is what I am thanful for today in spite of a very difficult mental illness:


I have an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus. He gives me true hope in my regular prayer with Him that my illness — depression, anxiety and OCD–will slowly, slowly get better.


Especially my mother and father who support me so much in my illness. I love them so much. And my sister who cares for me too. I have also been blessed with some special neices and nephews who I am so proud of –Derek, Dana and Louie!


All my friends — DT and OCD TRIBE Friends and friends here in Pittsburgh–too many to list but let me list a few — Louise, Anna, Jackie, Heide, Heather, Natalie, Chevy, Key, Lauren, Azriel and Jane.


Have changed psychiatrists and therapists off and on this year but they have all been the best. They are a blessing that I believe are part of God's healing plan for me.


A Somilian refugee who I have befriended and mentored for many years. He is now a sophomore in college! I am so proud of him!


He is my cat. 🙂 BIG, playful and affectionate. Loves to sit on my lap and purr and rub against me. And sometimes when I pet him he purrs and rubs against the coffee table and buschel basket!


Have a beautiful exercise/nature trail nearby. I walk for my exercise there. I love to see and take photos of God's beauty there — the beautiful clouds, blue sky, animals (turkeys and deer this year!) and sunsets.


Watching and reading about sports, my new hobby of photography, reading a good book (discovered LuAnne Rice this year), Crossword puzzles, getting together with friends, enjoying good food.:)

Since last Thanksgiving its still been a rough, rough strugggle at times. But God is good. He is blesssing me more recently with good days and times. I hope in Him. It will all slowly, slowly get better.

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  1. sadviolinist 11 years ago

    Awesome list ~ I find that listing what I'm grateful for any time of the year helps me. I'm a nature nut and cat lover too.  God is at the top of my list too.  I just tend to be more internal about it.  I'm so glad you're having more good days.    🙂    

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