On December 4, 2013,

Today has been a mixture of both good and bad.

I was getting ready for school this morning and trying to wake my brother up. My mom walks in my room and starts telling me how terrible of a person that I am and that she can't believe what I've done to her, blah blah blah. She then walks out and I continue getting ready with tears in my eyes. She's been saying these things for several days now, ever since she finally gave up and decided to let me move in with my dad. But of course, she walks back in my room and tells me that she doesn't believe in me to become a psychologist. She starts saying that psychologists are supposed to be kind, caring, and warm-hearted, all things that she says I'm not. She says that I shouldn't waste my time trying to become a psychologist because even if I did go through all the years of college and studying, that once people see who I really am that they won't dare come back. And much like the first time, she walks out of my room once again, this time leaving me with even more tears in my eyes and all my respect for her gone. Out of all the things that my mother has said to me in my lifetime, she has never once crushed a dream that I had. She always told me that if I tried and worked hard enough that I could make my dream come true.

Now at school, I get o my first block class and realize that I left my school computer beside my bed and that I needed it for my first class because our book is online. So I just sit in the back of the class not making myself noticible while we are reading through our play, "The Crucible", and my teacher calls on me to read as the narrator and I don't have my computer, so she fusses at me and says that what I've done akes her want to just assign the reading as homework and see how we all do on our test tomorrow. So then, I felt like a complete waste.

Now in my second class of the day, nothing too terrible happened to me in there. I was just annoyed because everyone was being so loud and I had a headache from not eating alot in the past few days.

Other then these few events, my day has been fine so far. I still have to go to youth tonight and then come home and face my mom afterwards.

(And for those of you who don't know me, I'm normally the happiest person to be around, I'm normally always talking, laughing and smiling.)




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