Today has been a very long day. I decided to take a nap because I didnt fall asleep till like 6 am this morning and I was up at 10 am. I heard my phone ring but I didnt answer it. I wish I would have, my boyfriend called my moms phone to get a hold of me and he said it was an emergency. My mom came in here to tell me he was on the phone and that it was an emergency. I shot out of bed and grabbed the phone and was freaking out asking whats wrong and what happened. He asked if I had heard something and I told him no and asked what do you mean what happened. He got into a car accident today while at work. A car rended another car pushing the car in front of the work van and he couldnt stop in time and the van tipped over. I started crying really hard because I was so scared. He told me he was okay and that he only suffered some burns on his arm. I am so very thankful he is okay and I just cant stop crying because the thought of it being worse or not having him around hurts me so badly. He is the love of my life and I hate the fact that I cant be at his house with him right now. My son was so upset when he couldnt hold him but he cant hold him because he has blisters on both his arms. I just kept looking at him and was just so thankful and I was crying a bit. He told me that he would never leave me this early. He tells me he wont let anything happen to him and he loves me n scott so much.


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