That girl

There’s something not quite right

When she smiles

When she laughs

Like she’s thinking she might…


There’s no light

Nothing bright

In her smile

In her laugh

It’s supposed to be




But it’s not

She tries

She tries hard

But then she cries

She cries harder


What you see

Isn’t real

It’s all fake

But her hate…

It’s like nothing you’ve imagined

For herself

For her life

For her tears

For her fears

For the way that she feels

For knowing it won’t heal


You think she’s fine

But this has just crossed the line

In her mind

In her head

She just wants to go to bed

And sleep

But not wake up

She’s not okay

She’s far from it

Far away

Miles and miles

From her happy little smiles


She doesn’t show

But she wants you to know

More than that

She wants you to see

Through her smiles

And her laughs

That’s what she pleas

She wants to feel

That someone cares

People take it for granted

But it’s something so rare

It’s such a longing

For her to feel such belonging

It’ something she craves

Something she needs

Without it she’s gona scream

Or so she says

Instead she’ll just break down in tears


Coz she’s so much more than sad

Words just don’t fit it




Don’t do it justice

But how do you explain?

Explain the unexplainable?

How can you describe

These vibes

Not the good kind

The one’s that make you w want to die


Coz nobody cares enough

To look carefully

To see the pain

She tries to hide

She wishes you would

She wishes you could

See through the disguise

It’s a mask

And her task?

To keep it on

But it weighs a ton


What can be done?

The battle is won

She let them win

But who really won?

Did they?

Or did she?

I don’t know what I need

Yes I said I

Coz that girl is me


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  1. gabygaby 13 years ago

    yep, that girll iss mee.

    thats beaauutifull thoughh..

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