i was in the er, on friday, after being told on sept 11th my baby was dead at 7 weeks 4 days, on friday i started bleeding finally and was hemorrghaging, i didnt think it ws that bad so i wentto planned parenthood to get somepainkillers they toldme to go to the er, andthen i wenttourgent care, tehy told methe same thing i started crying bc the lady suggested i go in an ambulance, toomuchtraumain that, and we didnt hav enough gasto go to the hospital.well we finally decided to try to get there on tiny bit of gas, adn got there, had to park far away bc parking costs at grossmont hosp. so we walkedallwhileI was so embarassed, blood running downmy pants, staining them…got there, waited to be called, when i was called though they treated me like 1st class i have been in a lot of ers, and this was the best hospital ever, the docs gave me an painkiller thru iv better than morphine, andiwas sofeelinggood, even high haha…they started meon blood tests for infertility workup in the er, andthe docs who saw me had an ultrasound done first, and then i got back in the room, and the first thing they did was talk to me, and explained what ineeded to do, and what it could be a host of things, . THe nurse I had was so nice, there was even a tv in the room, and if it wasnt for my bff driving me there on her last bit of gas, i probably would hav e died from loss of blood. They gave me vikodin to take home with me, and methergine to help decrease the blood, and iron pills bc i lost a lot of blood. I am supposed to rest these next fewdays, ironically this wa smy husbands 3 day weekend off, and i spent all day on friday in the er, but that was the besthospital to be in, i was in a big roomall to myself in the er. IT was scary only when they had to help remove some tissue fromme, andi saw it, it was the placenta, my bff told me, they put in a jar to test, they checked me twice to make sure everything was alright. IT was a pretty bad day, but inthe end, the hospital made allthe difference they were great.
Iamstilll verymuch shaken up and emotional, bc well it finally hit me that my baby is gone, andit is finalized bc well I finally miscarried.
I amgoingto start goingtoa pregnancy loss support group. This is hard, but Iam going to make it. Prayers and good energy would be appreciated.

  1. DeeDee 16 years ago

    So Sorry for your loss :O(.. I miscarried at 8 weeks before about 13 years ago and it was very painful physicaly and mentaly..


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  2. kittencaruso 16 years ago

    It sounds like you are lucky to have some special people around you… Im truly sorry for all you’re going thru right now & your loss. Im sure that this wont make the other problmes you have any easier to deal with either… I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers 🙂 Just by being on here & sharing with us…THat tells me you have an inner strength to survive 🙂 Just try to take care of yourslef & take time & spend it as you need, some alone, some with those close to you..If you even want to talk IM around 🙂
    ~BIG HUGS~


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