So i made a list, not just any list, but a list that i call "The Eye of The Tiger Project". I have designed it to make me a success in 2015, taking into consideration all my flaws from 2010 to2014. I'm really looking foward to any opinions:

1 – Read the list every week for the first 3 months and once a month for the rest of the year.
2 – Remember to complain less.
3 – Work as hard as i did in 2014 (no need to change what is ok).
4 – DepressionTribe is now a journal, not a social network.
5 – Buy workout stuff (already did, should get here in a week).
6 – Work out at home forthe first two months (that'll make it easier to go to the gym later).
7 – Sing up to a gym on the third month.
8 – Don't quit the gym.
9 – If i skip a gym day, work out at home.
10 – Study as hard as i did in 2014.
11 – Be as dedicated to my kid as i was in 2014 (didn't really thought i'd enjoy being a father so much).
12 – Allow myself to go out and have fun at least once every weekend during normal weeks and at least twice a week during vacations.
13 – Keep beingsingle this year.
14 – Don't get attached to anyone but my kid.
15 – Try my best to avoid anything that is sad, such as DSBM or atmospheric music (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal).
16 – Make as much poems as i did in 2011(not much, but meaningfull poems).
17 – If achievable, get a little better at the guitar.
18 – Call my friends more often (already doing… just wished EVERYBODY a nice 2015).
19 – Be a more loving brother to my lill bro.
20 – Get on a diet and DON'T QUIT IT.
21 – Eat healthier.
22 – Quit soft drinks.
23 – Go to the country club to swim, once a week.
24 – Go to the church and confess more often.
25 – Quit internet debates, unless it's MRM stuff(Men's Rights Movement).
26 – Reduce facebook time by half (from now one it's maximum half an hour of facebook at a day).
27 – Read books on the bus to college (It's a 3 hours ride to go and come back, i' should make the best of it).
28 – Quit useless internet browsing.
29 – Read a non-law-related book once in a while.
30 – Don't kill myself.
31 – Read item 30 again.
32 – Try to look at the bright side of anything.
33 – Read items 32 and 31again.
34 – This list is the road to a successful year, don't quit it.
35 – read item 30 again.

So, what do you think??

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    I have a suggestion. Get out a big jar. Put it where you can't miss it. At the end of te day write on a slip of paper, all that you were greatful for that day. Do this each and everday without fail. When you've done this for a year, take all the slips of paper out and read them. Read them over as often as you need to. Continue this practice..

    Go to the club and do an hour in the water, either water aerobics or swimming for a minimum of 3 times per week. Use the rest of the week for land exercises. Eat more vegetables. Work up to 6 serving a day. Each time you want a soft drink reach for water, flavored with your fruit of choice.

    Confess if it gives you relief; not if it increases your sense of guilt.

    Keep a journal, Write the things that depress you, make you feel it was unfair, etc. Then reframe each incident so that you can deal with it so it doesn't pull you down.

    Next comment, your list is too long, tackle fewer things until they become habits, then add more. You are putting way too much pressure on yourself.



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