is the fuckin stick in my back.

i was out last night drinkin my head off, i have a superhangover & she knows i will do, im a teenager;  & she chooses now to nag me about a job>?

becasue im in a state to listen or even care.

thing is she donest just say "theres a job at *** *** **** "

she goes on on about how my brother has a job, n she doesnt like nagging him to get up in the morning while i just sit around. jobs are hard to come by … resesion… blah…your older brother doesnt have a job & he needs one… blah… why dont you have a look,…. its only 15mins walk away [baring in mind she’s a half marathon runner & 15 minutes for her is…. 45 mins for me. it takes me 25mins to get up the hill! for thats 5 minutes easily.]

i dont drive becasue a) my shoulder- which i very possibly having surgegy on so how im going to a dishwashing job i dont know, when im going to have to have like 6 weeks off not using my shoulder [ shes such an idiot]

b) she always complaing she doesnt have any money – that my dads in debt, so how the hell can they afford to pay for  drving lessons & a car? ok the car will only be £500, but thats £500 we aparently dont have. so who is going to drive me to work on sundays?> when my other brother works in the opposite direction, my step mums prescious yoga & running takes up every saterday & sunday morning, & my dad has hockey coaching on sundays.

walk? 45 minutes to work so i arrive all nasty & sweaty? if its raining? cold. allow that.



i just wish she’d shut up some times & get off my back.

just simply say – theres a job at ********* & thats it. thats all i need to be told. you dont need to hammer home the point. becasue i really just wont listen.


theres sooo much more about my step mum i could say- shes one of the reasons im depressed. the way she makes me feel half the time im surprised im alive.

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  1. dorothygale20 13 years ago

    i dont want to preach to you.I have never had a stepmum or dad,my parents are still together so im not going to judge but i will say a few things.

    Parents in general,especially when you are in your teens,they sometimes forget what it was like to be hungover in the morning,the general struggle that is growing up.They did all of that too,and it wasnt the stoneage,a lot of things for them were the same.

    i had many a bust up with my parents over the years and its only now that im older that they are starting to understand me for who i am.Sometimes you just want to run away and try to make it on your own.But you would regret doing that if something terrible was to happen to one of  them and you werent there.Your dad has loved you from the moment you were born,maybe in years to come you will experience that too.And im sure he only wants you to be happy.I was never in the habit of talking to my dad about anything,but when i finally did he was happy to have the chance to be a dad and listen.its his job.Just ask nicely if you can talk to him and let it all come out.he will probably back up your stepmother at first but make sure you get your side across without slating her too much,concentrate on how you are feeling as a result.

    anyways that was just an idea.good luck with whatever you do and i hope you find happiness.sorry for my spelling,its a bit weak lol

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