I see you waiting for me. You are donning that beautiful summer dress with the lotus design that snakes along the skirt of it. The breeze and sky couldn't be any more pitch perfect for one such as you. You stand there, enjoying your solitude as your skin glistens from the warm rays of the sun. I can almost reach out and touch you, yet each attempt drives you further and further away. Desparately, I tirelessly try to know your touch and scent once more. However, I only run in place are you're driven further away. Suddenly, the sky darkens and the warm breeze that breathed life now chills us to the core. The skeletal fingers that grips the night sky can be see through the darkness with each thundering crash in the sky. The lightning is the only indicator that allows me to know you still exists in the distance. Tears and sweat are pouring down my face as I begin to crawl my way to you. To make matters worst, the ocean begins to swell. The very demon that claimed you will do so once more. I know of your fate yet I still struggle against it tirelessly. The water swallows us both yet I am fine for the sole reason to only to bear witness to your demise. I see the fear in your brown eyes. It is not the gaze we once shared together on the shore, the sofa, and in each other arms. No…. it's gaze that speaks of fear and sorrow. I see your lips speak my name as what little air leaves your mouth. Soon, the darkness of the depths consume you whole. I awake. Alone in my bed. Sweating. Afraid. Most of all, I am sadden that I was unable to see you once more before all this ever occured. The disaster took you away, but knowing me and the outcome of our love placed you there. I will always love you Aya, but most of all, I will always try to be happy. Those words you gave me on the last moment we shared at the airport will always burn strongly within. If this nightmare is my reward for all what we shared, I will gladly carry such a burden. Someday, I will come to Japan and see the world you saw and wanted to share with me.


A nightmare that speaks of my guilt but also a dream that reminds me of what you meant to me in life; a reason to live.


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