So I started a college course early through my school. Its online and I was liek "hooray i'm getting a free college credit that i'll actually need! This is the best thing ever!" So we go to eluminate (a program in my online high school for teachers and students to talk live with eachother) and I find out my college text book business essentials will be mailed to me and I will have it by Saturday…the Saturday that occured 3 days ago. My book isn't here because it was on back order. The order just got placed yesterday so i'm guessing, but it isnt entirely clear due to the uninformative e-mail, that my book just came off back order yesterday and will be expedited to me. Well i really needed it today actually I needed it yesterday.

But the sick thing is is that in eluminate the girl that had did these courses before us last year told us that her book was the only one that didn't make it and it took them two weeks to get it to her. No one knows why. And she had a hard time keeping up with everything. As soon as I heard her story I thought "great if it happens to anyone this year it will be me so lets hope it doesn't happen."

It did.

So now its tuesday I had a quiz due today based on the 1st chapter of my book that I should haave read yesterday and I have a discussion due tomorrow. If I dont get my book tomorrow I will have 2 more chapters 3 lectures and 2 more quizzes to do ontop of that. And if this college's e-mail on their site isn't reliable (which i relly don't like the way it works) and Dr. Kay(my professor) didn't get my e-mail she will take 10% off of every assignment for every day its late. Its been almost8 hours since I sent it to her asking her what I could do and telling her I couldn't do assignments because I have no book. She said to give her 24 hours to reply so I'm hoping she gets it and won't deduct points but I'm still super worried about it. not to mention I'm totally stressing out right now- i've already broken down and cried like twice today and its only 5:30.

I'm not just breaking down over a book though because on top of this new college course I still have all my senior year classes to keep up with as well as 10 million essays to write for scholarships, an ACT to study for, and college forms to get in before deadlines. If it doesn't get easier soon, if something doesn't go my way soon, I have no idea what I'm going to do or how I'm going to make it through this.

All I do know is sometimes it really sucks to be right.


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