I don't know where to begin to be honnest, me and my bf got back from holiday on friday night (it was awful…really awkward). i woke up saturday morning to the text "i think we need a break" my heart started pounding and i burst into tears..I would usually keep it to myself but i was feeling suicidal so i went to my mums room in tears and she hugged me so tight as i explained what bf had said..I wasn't prepared to loose him, he's been my all for the past 2 years…I showed mum his texts in which one said 'everytime i suggest your GP you shy away' so i explain roughly the story to my mum!! and in another text he said 'i keep seeing scars and scratches on you 🙁 ' i showed my mum my arms..she didn't say much just stood there in the kitchen crying. It was such an emotional saturday..i'm so damn proud of myself i managed to speak to my mum…! amazing! thought it would never happen! She said bf had made me into this confident young beautiful woman :'). thats why i can't loose him! i love his parentstoo…it's still awkward between us obviously but we're 'starting a fresh' but with on new terms; Be truthful and honnest! i hid alot from him before and he said he can't be in a relationship if we can't talk about these things..Fair enough..but it involves a change in habbit for me..My friend offered to call my doctor surgery bless him. so weds8th feb im going!!! SO stupidly nervous…but i want to explain stuff so i can feel free from this pain and hopefully go on some anti depressants!! My mum bought me a beautiful present today..a small card with a message in it saying " A little hug from me. Whenever you are feeling sad and things aren't going right and your usual happy smile has slipped right out of sight, here's a little hug from me if i cannot be there because i want you to know just how much i care." Makes me cry everytime i read it…:') i want to buy my bf the same thing…<3


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