hi guys its me parrot 🙂 soooo….well idk how to say this…well ill just say it straight…I grew up in a tightly sealed community closed off from the rest of the world I had no television radio movies or access to the internet and I was separated from the opposite gender fully I  went to a boys only school and wasn’t allowed to talk with girls who weren’t my close relatives …why? u may ask…well my family is super extremely religious I knew nothing about the outside world until two years ago its a little bit too restricted for me I’m kinda thinking about a change for my future self . here its super hard to leave our community usually ur family disowns u and throws u out in the streeets  its kinda hard to transiton from an extreme religious lifestyle to a more modern/secular lifestyle ppl don’t accept u anymore once u leave u leave for good . its kinda frustrating I’m up nights thinking about it . has anyone gone through something similar? if yes plz comment how u managed leaving ur community thanks I really appreciate it!!!  noowww….lets talk about ocd the creepy monster that jails u my ocd is becoming easier to cope with lately thank god does anyone have any good tips how to deal with unwanted thoughts then plz leave a comment about it also if u have any funny ocd storys if u don’t mind plz share them in the comments . I have a few weird ocd stuffys I do like I check the stove ten times to make sure its not on and I’m scared to drive because I might heaven forbid kill someone by a accident …ocd sucks but once u get it under ur control its not that bad and ocd has some good advantages to it too have a good day heros 🙂

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  1. bridgie101 5 years ago

    I reckon you need to find just one short stop, place to stay. Maybe you go out and pick carrots on a carrot picking farm. Somewhere to get some cash. And then go see a shrink and get antidepressants for the horrific grief of separation you will go through. and then just coast on through it. If you’re young, your brain can adapt. I’m almost crippled by making big changes in my 40s, do it younger while your body can cope.

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