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Currently, I'm at my parent's house, just relaxing. My boyfriend dropped me off because I'd be alone in the apartment and I get sort of lonely/bored as he heads off to work. The apartment was very cold today fro some reason, too. The boiler must be down. If it's still down by the time we get home, we'll have to call up our landlord.

The apartment looks very nice. We had to pull the television away from the wall because the living room is so large and the Wii wasn't picking up the signals of the Wii-remotes properly. It's driving my boyfriend and myself mad since it looks crappy not being against the walls – but it's just too far.

The other day, I kind of had a lot of anxiety. I was excited because my Mom had said she'd visit me after her hair cut, and I had spent the entire day cleaning. She wanted to take me out for lunch and I really was looking forward to it! Problem was, my boyfriend took our only keys, and I am VERY paranoid about leaving the apartment unattended and unlucked.  I started tearing up when my Mom said she'd just grab lunch herself. It was stupid of me. Now she thinks that I hate the place and I'm not enjoying myself. True, I miss my family – but I definitely enjoy my independence, which is what I'm striving to accomplish with this big step. I just worry that they are worrying about me. I spend too much time concerning myself with their thoughts of me that it takes away the fun of the place! She ended up picking me up McDonalds and ate with me. I felt like a boring host.

The people downstairs are making me very angry, too. I don't know who lives there exactly, but they moved in the day we did. They blast their music, and the wall separating us must be very thin cause I can hear these guy's loud, obnoxious voices. They smoke pot EVERY night at 6 – and we have to open OUR windows because the smell is so bad. (There's no visible fumes and it's mostly in our bedroom that we smell it.)

I think it's very inconsiderate and rude that they don't maybe open more windows or take a walk to the backyard. I know our apartments don't have balacones, but frig. The smell of the pot is giving me headaches and makes our stuff smell! I'm not sure if I should consider lying to the landlord and saying that I have asthma and they're smoking up below me. It's partly true. I did have it when I was very little and I'm told that it never actually goes away. I'm not against pot, but I'm REALLY against smoking up ANYTHING in an enclosed space. It's not fair to the other residents!

I think I need to decorate up the place. Put some pictures on the wall. Buy some picture frames. And a little Christmas tree. I need to make it more .. 'me'. Perhaps that's OCD related but it'd help.



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  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    I think if you redecorate, It will shift your mind away from your ocd for awhile and give you  mental holiday.

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