This is my first ever blog. I've read many people's before and have thought about starting one, but I've always been too lazy to actually do it. Since I joined the tribe, however, the urge to start one has grown since I've seen how open and honest people are in theirs. I think I'll take comfort in the fact that I can just say what I want with no fear of judgment, and hopefully this will be a little bit of therapy since I don't really have anyone else to talk to right now.

First off, let me explain what I've decided about my blog, and also tell you a few things you'll need to know about me. Pretty much what you gotta know is this: I'm one of the biggest stoners you'll ever meet! For those who don't know what that is, I smoke a lot of pot. And I tell you this because I'm tired of having to hide myself from the people I know. It's me, and you can take it or leave it. So I can pretty much guarantee that every single one of my blogs is going to end up being my high ramblings. But, my high ramblings are usually exactly how I feel whether or not im high because I just tend to explain myself better this way. And, before you judge, let me tell you this: I may smoke, but I'm neither stupid nor lazy, or any other typical stereotypes of a stoner. I'm the Editor-in-Chief of my college's newspaper, or rather old college, because I just transferred to a university. I'm set to get my BA in journalism with a minor in sociology and one in Spanish by 2010.

So anyway…one of my really high thoughts lately has been to write a blog whenever I'm feeling really, really depressed or lonely. That way I'll have something to do every time I feel down and out, and hopefully it will be some sort of release for me since I have no one else to rant to. It will be nice to just be able to say anything, without fear of rejection from a family member or "friend." Even if not more than one soul reads this, I'll still be happy that at least one person knew the truth about me, since my family and supposed friends don't really have a clue. And every time I sit down to write said blog when I'm feeling really shitty, I'll most likely be extremely high as well! So basically what you'll be getting is the really high ramblings of a depressed and lonely person.

But regardless, I'm curious to know if other people have the same views as me on many, many things. My views on a lot of stuff are probably really pessimistic, though. At least, that's what my family tells me. But I hope that someone, even just that one person, reads these and comments back with some of their own views on the same subjects.

And I'm sorry ahead of time for writing way, way too many blogs.


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