I have done alot today, but I can't really decide what I should tell you about. I'll start short and sweet, then get specific. Okay, so. Last night, I got shit for sleep. I was awoken by my loud brother. Then, my dog, Sebastian Bombadose, helped himself to be my alarm clock. His whines and barks still ring in my ears. Who knew a little dog could be so damn loud. Then, around one, I tagged along with my mom and step dad as we drove to The Cross Roads Mall in Portage to pick up their wedding bands that they have been waiting 2 weeks for to have them resized. My step dad was late for work by about fifteen minutes, and I barely made it to my therapy appointment. But once I got there, I was crushed with the news that Ashley was out sick today. I accepted their offer to see another therapist, so I could "touch bases". As soon as I sat down in her office chair I knew it was a bad idea. I have never heard the word "okay" so many times. But, she meant well, so I can't really bash her behind her back. I am not one to be passive aggressive so I'll stop myself. Anyways, afterwards, I came home and helped my mom take the dogs out to go to the bathroom. As I started stroking my dog's soft coat, I realized it wasn't soft. It was oily. He needed a bath. So I gave him one, I also gave Chevy a bath. Now my dogs smell scrumptious. After that, I took a shower. I shaved my legs, and other parts that needed to be shaved. Then, I helped myself to an orgasm or two. Then I finished, got dressed, then headed next door to my friends house to see what Toby wanted. Since Toby wasn't there, I chatted with Caitlan. I stayed over there for a bit, conversed for a while. Around ten minutes later, I headed home. And it is there, where my bad mood started. I was listening to music from my radio, not to loud. Then, my brother had to come home. His T.V. blasted over mine! He was playing Black Ops, so all I heard was gun shots, deep voices, and my brother saying "fuck yeah" like a stoner. So, I did what anyone would do. I turned my radio up. Then so did he. So I turned my radio up more. Before I knew it, we were in a volume battle. It ended with both my radio and his T.V. up full blast with my mom stomping up the stairs with a pissed off look on her face. Now I'm sitting here, with my radio off. And my brother is sitting in his room, T.V. turned up. At first, it was quiet, but my brother NEVER listens! EVER! If you tell him to turn it down, he will. Ha! Jokes on you! Just wait 2, 3, maybe 5 seconds, then BAM! His shit is louder than it was before! Try to tell him again? Hah.. Waste of words, my friend. You see, my brother, is a spoiled rotten asshole who cares only about himself. Don't worry, I've told him this. And right now you may be saying "What teenage boy isn't" Well hunny, news for you! He is not your average teenage boy! He is much worse. I would try to help you understand what I have to deal with, but you would have to live with him for a life time to even slightly understand. Let me tell ya, I can not wait till he is out of this house. But odds are, he'll still be here, going on 30, with herpes and some other STD, while growing a beer cut and a plummers crack, along with a cat named Vladamir. If that happens, I am GONE as soon as I turn 17. I'm headed to Chicago 🙂 Well, thanks for listening to me rant/blah. It's always good to have someone who listens to you.



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