Today i woke up ,fresh then all my anger from way back just came flooding in as I recalled the incident of yesterday ,I cried I tossed almost pulled my hair out ,I even almost blamed God for my troubles but I knew that wasn’t the way,I washed my face but still my tears continued to flow,I had to do all Thai silently as my parents could have walked in ,I even held my breath for a long time but well as you might have guessed I gave in to sweet air,I searched about depression and realised I could actually be depressed I thought of telling my mom ,but since yesterday when she told me she was dissapointed (u may read my 1st blog to know )I was worried ,so I kept quiet I get a but happy then I cry again because of my sis… She keeps well you know giving me a cold shoulder and laughing with my sibling who is 2 years younger than me ….you will soon read how she gets in ….so now am stuck not knowing if I should tel, anyone about my thought an fear ….I don’t know .. am always stopped from doing something because am absent minded so I tend to think to deel into the lines I guess it’s another issue I have to solve …Bye for now

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  1. grace95 1 year ago

    I’m sorry you’re feeling all those unexplainable feelings, but if you have a trustable someone at home, i would suggest you talk to that person, before it becomes your habit of bottling things up. I didn’t tell anyone how i felt when i had such episodes but now i find it really really difficult to share my thoughts with anyone in person. Talk to someone if you can, at home. You can always talk to members here for help. Take care!

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