I cant belive it…i look shocking… seriouesly i’m putting on weight….this is not soposed to be happaning….why me…i dont eat junk food ever nd im still fat….. u dont get it…. i fuckin hate my body its ugly…i just want to be thin like girls should be…its basicly all my mums fault for me being fat..she makes me eat all this food, fills the plate up waayy too much.. honestly i hate it when she does it, i cant eat it…i cant keep it in my stomach…she makes me eat it all till the plate is finished…i hate her so much she dosnt understand she just yells at me…Always askin me wat i want for dinner nd if iv eaten…i just throw my plate at her nd scream…shes trying to make me fat i hate it…its horrable…how can she do this to me? she says i dont eat hardly anything but i do because she makes me eat it…it feels horrable i cant make it digest and she always buys all this processed food for my stupid sisters cos they dont want to eat the good stuff…stuff like u know the shape produccts,the packets with the powder stuff in them and chocolate biscuts…mum eats good stuff cos she likes to cook but goes waayy over bored…shes always screamin at me to eat something….im sick of it…wat she tryin to do to me??i get so down all the time cos be always fight nd i hate her..how she trys to controll me wit the eating thing..and my stupid counsellor at school does the same thing…she talked to my mum and they forced me to go to the doctors…its was horrible…i didnt want to say anythin i just looked down starein at the floor while mum was talkin wit the doctor…my school counsellor keeps calling me saying "oh how r u feeling today u good? have u eaten anything today?  i just like OMG STOP WITH THE FOOD ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!! see what they do to me? i dont like it, this all started in maths class when the teachers says ok everyone we are going to weigh nd messure ourselves…..we got given this sheet nd it was a graph thing telling you what line u were on like there was…extremell overweight, overwight, ok, avarage and anorexic. i was on the overweight line i couldnt believe wat i was seeing i ran out of the classroom and balled my eyes out..nd ever since then iv been watching what i eat..and just a few weeks ago i was made to eat a full bowl of pasta i couldnt do it..mum was yelling at me saying "you dont eat enough ur anorexic, im going to put u in hospital as a paitent..what the hell?? is she blind?? IM FREAKEN FAT AND I HATE THE WAY I LOOK!! im so sick of her trying to get me to eat all she wants to do is make me fat its terriable..iv never felt so….. arrrrggg i dunno i  hate this so much…after every meal when shes left the table i go straight to the bathroom nd vomt up what she made me eat and i feel alot better after that cos i no longer feel so bloated anymore..but for some reason im still fat..i dont know what to do…im ugly..i dont want to be like this…someone please help, if anyoe has any good dieting stuff or ways to loose weight please tell me that would be very much appretated..i just want to be thin  =;(  


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