i used to be obsessed with the ozone layer,global warming,pollution,all the things that are supposedly wrecking our planet and its life ,i thought that in some way i could actually stop the ozone layer from being destroyed by writing unlimited petitions to nasa to halt the space shuttle programme,now how crazy is that? boy when you combine ocd with a sprinkle of scytzophrenia all sorts of ideas come forth and i actually read somewhere that for every space shuttle blast off a fiftyeth of the ozone layer was destroyed so it fuelled my warped mission, you see i can only read short excerpts from articles without my mind miandering onto something else but i now look at these things in a different perspective like ok maybe there is a global warming well to think by using a carbon tax like our government has will slow down or stop it, its ludicris the warming will happen anyhow,say we never used fossil fuels well we'de be stuffed maybe we'de have fred flinstone transport and we would have a sky full of smoke world wide from burning trees for warmth,just an example, so we used fossil fuels that our planet and eco system made for us now we're starting to use alternatives like wind,solar and water also nuclear but it takes time to adapt to these more efficient energies hey thats great and maybe its at a time when we also have the technology to discover that our planet is warming like mars say,we have records that go back for say 200 years in some areas but not back to the last ice age, hey the australian meteorologists said we will have empty dams in 2 years, sure we will as we just had the biggest floods in known history, mjeanwhile any anti global warming theories are swept away by either politicians eager to win votes or by the power of the mighty dollar,well this old planet has been around for along time with thousands of volcanoes and eathquakes and methane gas,suplhuric gasses,everything nature could throw in the mix and guess waht man has survived and we will survive and adapt but lets not be blinded by mumbo jumbo that says we are causing a holoucost or even playing a part in it ,well thats what i think and im mad.


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