Many people have sent some interesting questions to me, and I feel necessary to answer back. For me, much of my OCD isn’t really center around a phobia. I feel that my main source that triggers the OCD is; First I afraid to hurt people feelings (I guess that would be a phobia), I don’t want to hurt my feelings, and I don’t want to make a mistake. Many times I feel I work, if I don’t do all the procedures that are meant to follow, i may end up hurting someone or killing them. wehn I was working as a installer, i was afraid sometimes that if I didn’t build the cabinets comopletely right or install the fiber optic cables completely right, i wasn’t being good to my boss and cheating the company and customer. I have this fear of prison, and I try to avoid doing anything that will get me there. In recent years, I have become increasingly afraid of the police and many government organizations. Now that i read what I wrote, all of these things are phobias. 8) With Women, i don’t want to be the one to break their heart, because it is really painful and something you never get over. It is almost like a friend dying. Then they are forever in your mind. I call that the spirit world. I believe when you dream, you are walking in the world of the gods, and rejuvenating your spirit. There the gods really tell you what is write and wrong, what you should have done. I bel;ieve that you are always with the gods, even and death. Your spirit transcends into the spirit world, becuase your spirit is importal. One of the reasons I believe you can’t be saved, is you are already with the gods. The reason people make mistakes in life is because they don’t know everything, and the gods know this. I know that may sound flaky to many people. I believe when the body dies, it is reborn so that new spirits can emerge and transcend into the spirit world. The finite body is returned to the earht wil it will be claimed by new life. I believe the are purpose in the physical world is to learn and grow and to learn wisdom, so when you die, you can transcend. I think that people who do eveil deeds must be reborn to walk amongst the worlds agains until their spirit learns wisdom.

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  1. cari 15 years ago

    Interesting beliefs…

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