A short foray into my experiences:

I personally am not depressed, clinically or otherwise. Like most others I have had my fair share of extremely low low’s but on the whole I recover and regain my sense of self.

I knew very little about depression until I met S. I won’t bore any reader with the undoubtadely lurid details but eventually we fell in love and are currently engaged.

To her everlasting credit, S. was very honest with me about her depression right from the begining and for that I am thankful.

I have come to understand though, that for fortunate people like myself for whom ‘depression’ are but mere transcient episodes of unhappiness which give but a glimpse of the totality of severe, clinical depression. I use quotations around depression above because through literature and coversations with S. the realization that what I experience is not an illness but an unfortunate though I posit necessary aspect of a human being’s emotional landscape. What I have come to understand is that the word depression does not even begin to describe the true depths of despair and hoplessness that overcome those truly afflicted. It has become almost a farce, the word depression is bandied about so casually that it has lost all meaning. The average person who knows no one seriously sick with this scourge use it to describe a sour mood, a bad day, hell even a dip in the road! I personally much prefer the term used before the twentieth century: melancholia, I feel that it has more depth and perhaps power. I can’t help but feel slightly melancholic when I speak that word aloud. But I digress, and apologize for the wall of text above – I have a prediliction towards verbosity that can sometimes be annoying.

My goal is to help my love, my S. as much as I humanly can with her healing.

I have not yet had time to browse the forum’s and talk to others that use the tribe, but I hope to learn from others as much as possible to further my goal. I too wish that perhaps I can at times help other’s who are suffering, or whom have a loved one who suffer’s.

For togethor we are stronger, alone we are lost in the darkness.

David Goldberg

P.S It’s very early and I have yet to sleep, thus editing/spellchecking are out of the question. If any kind soul reads this and finds glaring errors of grammar please don’t hesitate to point them out! Just try and be nice 😀










  1. LonelyFemaleForever 12 years ago


    This is what can make me smile even in a bad day. Eventhough i didnt experience true love it makes me happy to know that it does excist. Its not something that takes its own form and that you can point out but still you can see it in people”s actions. Like in this case, you not giving up on her and trying to understand what shes going through.

    I hope you and your fiancee all the best in the fight against depression and that you grow stronger together. Best wishes!

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  2. DavidHerschy 12 years ago

    I sincerely thank both of you very much for what you said. I have always felt somewhat insecure with regards to what I write. I mainly posted to test the waters shall we say, and because for me it has always been carthartic. I am certain, and I honestly wasn’t before that this won’t be my last blog post.



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