• Hi I’m silverwolf1997
    I have depression, anxiety and ptsd
    When I was 15 I realised I was bisexual but my mum and sister knew before me and I’m was In shock for the age of 7 to 18 I was bullied in year 3 I was at least 8/9 I was sexually assaulted by my year six boyfriend 12/13 at the time the teacher blamed it on his disability and i was upset
  • Life isn’t supposed to be easy only to make you stronger
  • stay stay , stay beautiful  don’t change for the world let the world change for you
  • we are all beautiful inside we aren’t prefect we make mistakes and we learn from them  I love meeting new people and helping people I have awareness against bullying and suicide support group on Facebook and I’m proud of it  I’m seeing a psychologist and I’m comfortable seeing him I miss my old counsellor but he went to a new company but I wished him luck in the future and new adventures  like I wish everyone else I believe we all deserve to be loved and treated equally and not bullied etc it makes me sad how many people get bullied or other things it’s wrong and it’s disgusting  people deserve to be happy and treated right not treated poorly or bullied it’s wrong and I mean even the homeless get bullied or treated rudely and it makes me sick that people are that heartless to do that and it’s makes me angry that this happens every day and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. I wish everyone was happy but that’s impossible   Especially  when this world is the way it is nothing will changed unless we stand together and say enough is enough no more bullying no more hate more love and respect

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