for the teens who are finding themselves or just interested in my story.

hi, my name is alex brown. i may look like your typical teenage boy but theres alot more to me then my looks. i guess i might as well start from the begining.

on june 28 2004 i was born. my parents named me annabelle. i was 4lbs and i was born 2 months early. when i was growing up i was always more of a tomboy and my parents were fine with that. when i turned 3 i made my dad call me his son but he thought it was just a faze and forgot about it.

when i turned 4 i dident want dolls or princess stickers i wanted a basket ball and plad shirts. my parents always would say “shes just a tomboy!”

*cant remember 5,6,7,8,9 year old me….*

then i turned 10 and i relized i liked my best friend…. a girl. i had always heeard about god hating gays so i pushed those feelings aside and focoused on boys. sonner or later guys started asking me out and wanting to date me. i liked guys but i thought girls were better. around this age i was always sad and felt an emptiness. my psarents brought me to the doctors and i was diagnosed with depression. i dident know why because i was a pretty happy kid.

when i turned 11 i came out to my class as bisexual. everyone was fine with it ad i actually got more friends because i was diffrent, and 11 year old me love the attention. being 11 was a great year. when i was 11 i found the term transgender. i always felt like a boy but i thought it was just a faze. now i new what i was feeling.

then i turned 12. grade 7 was a hard year because lots of stuff happend. i got my first girlfriend. her name was brooklyn. well long story short i thought i was in love with her and then she turned around and crushed my heart into 10,000 peices. that was really hard on me, around this time i also started cutting myself. i couldent take the sadness and i just wanted to die. my parents found out and took me to the hospital. i got a councaler and i was ok again.

13th birthday. horrible. by nana bought me all kinds of princess stuff and my family got me makeup. i hated it. i had to let my feeings out and heres the part youve been waiting for…(maybe)

on thursday April 12 i came out to my parents and a bisexual FtM transgender. they were confused and thought i was confused but after i explained to them that i had felt this way for a LONG time they understood. and now theres today. at school i am still called annabelle but am begging people to call me alex. soon i will be cuting my medium hair to short with bangs. when i graduate this year i will wear a suit and a tie. i am still upset that i am not allowed bto use the boys bathroom but i understand in a way. i am in tharepy and mabye one day my parents will let me be on testosterone. some of you may be wondering why i chose the name alex. honestly i just simply like that name. i am happy with who am am and who i want to be. my only advise to anyone who is reading this or needs guidence when it comes to LGBTQ and much more is be yourself and be proud you are unique. we are all apart of something beautiful. and i am for one proud to be a bisexual FtM transgender.

thank you for reading and below i will put a picture of myself.        -TransGenderAlex    xoxoxoxo




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