Types of Obsessions
– Not doing enough to prevent something bad or awful from happening
– Hitting someone with your car (this is why I do not drive)
– Numbers or words associated with bad luck or disasters (5 is evil)

– Even or odd numbers

– Hurting or killing people you don't want to hurt
– Violent images or thoughts
– Obscenities, racial slurs, insults, and curse words–the impulse to say or yell offensive things at someone you don't want to hurt (a major part of my reluctance to go out in public)
– Upsetting thoughts and urges to act on unwanted, aggressive impulses

– Heterosexuality (since I'm gay)
– Molesting children, committing incest, or having sex with animals (this shit is getting so old)
– Aggressive sexual behavior

– Morality, right and wrong

– Having something else other than OCD (schizophrenia)
– Aspects of physical appearance

Compulsive Rituals
– Checking that disasters didn't happen
– Asking others for reassurance (I'm sure you're all sick of this one by now)

– Touching or tapping

Mental Rituals
– Thinking special words, sayings, images, or phrases to neutralize obsessions and anxiety (Hödr's Aett)
– Constantly repeating lists to yourself
– Reviewing conversations or activities over and over in your mind or until it is done "perfectly" (especially while trying to sleep)
– Trying to stop or suppress unwanted thoughts
– Spending excessive time trying to rationalize or think through or "figure out" and obsessional situation or thought (every day, every fucking day, for hours and hours, for the last six years)

The therapist is pretty convinced that my dermatillomania and (mild) trichotillomania are separate from my OCD, and she thinks that I have some depression, social anxiety disorder, and agoraphobia as well.


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