Its been two years since I relapsed an my severe anxiety and OCD came back. I think most people on here know the pain and suffering that it can bring and how much it can destroy your life. I had to stop working, I almost lost every friend I had, I stayed home all the time taking meds and more meds. My doctor at the time said that I problaby wouldn't be able to work anymore and would have to stay on SSI. This made me really sad and I felt like I had lost to it. I learned to accept what I have and that accepting doen't mean giving up. I also learned to work with it and not to look at it like it was some evil monster but a blessing, I know alot of you who know what I'm talking about and went through it would say its not a blessing but I learned so much from going through what I did. I found myself because of it and that is the best thing anyone could ask for. I'm working part-time now and searching for a full-time job. I'm takinga martial arts class and even went to a tournament and medeled in 3 out of 4 events. I couldn't be happier and my mind is so at peace a feeling I have never felt before. I'm not typing this to brag about my accomplishments or brag about how I over came it. I'm typing this to convey one message to others like me "HOPE" I know in the darkest of moments you may think there is none but there is. Learn to let go of the sadness and anger and let joy, happiness, and love into your heart these are the things that will help you. Thank you for reading


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