We all ended up in Florida eventually because all good things come to an end. Daddy crashed bigtime toward the end of 1969.He locked himself in his grocery store for three days and did nothing but drink. I need to mention that the store wasn't really all his. Daddy had a financial backer for the business and leased the building.

Daddy was the first person I ever saw in DT's. It's not a pretty sight.Mama had to call Daddy's "silent partner" and backer to unlock the door. Her name was also on the store but Daddy never gave her a key. He was pretty much a control freak so when he lost control, it got really bad. Really fast.

Mama's name wasn't on the checking or savings accounts. She didn't even have signing authority to sign on the business account. Her name was on the store but she was pretty much screwed because Daddy was locked in a VA hospital with no contact for thirty days observation. She could call his doctor but that didn't take care of the immediate. At least the store had food. We wouldn't starve. She had to call on the silent partner to sign checks so she could pay bills.

We lived in a really nice house on over two acres. I had horses. We had friends. I was a teenager and my friends were usually of the "lunatic fringe" hippie types. My family wouldn't pass muster to the so-called normal people. Most of my friends were into art and music.

My brother was a bit of a nerd. He studied violin with the youth symphony, embraced Darwin, Star Trek and space, the final frontier. Oh yeah, he is an artist with a camera. Still or motion, he is amazing. Neither of us had a clue we'd have to give up almost everything and life as we knew it away. It sucked.

All good things much come to an end or as George Harrison said so well, all things must pass. After all, aren't we all just bricks in the wall?

So we survived many more moves on the chess board of life. I call this blog "The Love You Take" because the Beatles were right. Love really is ALL YOU NEED.





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