Soo I just woke up. It's 11:30 where I'm at, but I didn't go to sleep till like two am. I know I know it's bad but it's a habit I need to try and break before school starts again. Anyways. On my first blog, I had a few people comment about the benefits of exercising, the bane of my existence. I'm not overweight, I just really dislike it. The fact that most of our exersicing options are in a room of pump up, sweaty guys who like to secretly check out the others in a giant wall spanning mirror. The fact that no matter what you try to do, there is no avoiding sweat. It's either on you, in the air, or when the beefcake before you didn't clean off the machine. Oh. And tennis shoes have to be my least favorite shoe in the world. If you can't tell by now, I hate exercising….

….But I liked walking the few times I tried to. It completely helped when I was feeling down. It was even during a walk that I decided to really go into forensic psychology. Unfortunately, right when I was trying to walk on a regular basis, my area faced literally two weeks of morning and nighttime storms. Let's say I got out of the habit of walking. I keep telling myself to go out and try walking again, but then a computer game or a book seems to call my name and I forget about walking…

… And then last night I had a dream. It must have been brought on by the commenters. I had a dream I was walking. Just in a yard. Down the yard, over a row, and then back up the yard. Over and over again, counting my steps as I went. In my dream, I was completely refreshed. I wasnt thinking of anything at all except my footsteps. And when I woke up, well, I guess I never realized how bad I feel normally when I wake up. After so many years of waking up tired, you become used to it. But this time I felt absolutely amazing. I didn't feel tired at all, and even while I'm writing this, I haven't yawned. It must have been the exercising dream because I can't think of anything else that would have changed the way I woke up. I mean, I had another dream about Loki (I prefer Loki over Thor *shrug*) but that makes me want to stay in bed and keep dreaming. I guess this means I should give exercising another try. If it can effect me in a dream, it is sure to do something in real life.

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  1. TessErin 8 years ago

    First of all, you sound like a great, interesting person. I'm currently studying Psychology with a dream of becoming a Forensic Psychologist!! What are the odds lol  I was wondering if you caught my blog earlier today about my exercise adventure this morning? I think it is worth reading. 
    I strongly suggest some fast music. Metal and old Rock are my favorite genres to walk to. Disturbed and Rush in particular. Also, I understand about being in college and not always having the ideal means for exercise: sweaty machines, lack of privacy. For my PE credit, I took a pacewalking course. I loved it because you could listen to music as you walked and also there were many different kinds of people: thin folks and those that are overweight like me. I met a great girl who was also in my Psychology class and we spent the time talking and walking. Really helped us both keep our minds of the fact it was hot or boring. The trail was outdoors but it was circular so the views get cliched I guess.
    Start small if you've fallen out of the routine of walking. 5 or 10 minutes at a time. I can't stress how much music helps me stay…focused on something else other than being tired or sweaty. I'm going to send you a friend request if you don't mind. I really think you'd be fun to talk with.
    Also, to get to know others, I suggest going into the chat room. I've met so many nice people there, of all ages.
    Take care xxxxxxxxx

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