In between sleeping today I was also expecting a call from a certain someone. We take turns calling once a week on Thursdays, usually in the afternoon. 

Lets backtrack a bit…

I met him over the summer and we began to go on dates frequently and became close. He has a very similar personality to my own, same moral beliefs, similar future goals both career and family wise. He was getting over a long, grueling relationship and wasn't quite ready to fully put in the effort to date me. His heart just wasn't in it all the way, which I completely understand. I was upset at the time, but I respect his decision. He wanted to be able to put forth full effort into the relationship and didn't feel like he was ready to take that step. So at the end of the summer we decided to stay friends and see what happens down the road. We are currently almost 6 hours apart from each other. I haven't connected with someone on an emotional level like I have with him. We can talk for hours about absolutely anything. He has no idea about my depression, but I always look forward to talking once a week.

Last week, I planned a trip to visit him this coming up Thursday. Obviously, I am having major doubts. I'm paranoid over whether he really wants me to visit, if it will be awkward, etc. Well, I didn't get a call today and made the decision that since he didn't call I wasn't going to visit. A bit harsh. Then around midnight my phone rings. Guess who? He explains the delay and we had a really great, lengthy conversation. It reassured me that I really do want to see him. We have an obvious connection, just are dealing with obstacles in the way. It will be nice to have the company of a male friend for the weekend.


ONE WEEK! And of course I'll be blogging every detail of the trip…


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  1. stigletz 10 years ago


    congrats take it slow and easy it is in the early stages,do what you have to do to keep the depression,OCD and all that at bay,you dont want to scare him away,but do go meet him dont  give into the fear of what might happen ,depression is like a hungry monster it is always hunting something to feed on,you have yourself a wonderful time ok!

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