Today was the last day staff was with our boss who is being transferred. The person she is being transferred with was less than stellar at his old location. We had a meeting on Monday and thanks to a coworker who is jealous that the outgoing supervisor gave me more responsibilities than others, the new supervisor made it known this would change. The only reason I was given these responsibilities was the fact that I work hard&I don't make excuses why Ican't attend a training or perform a task. The extra work helped to keep my mind occupied. I'm still going to work hard no matter what. Sometimes, work is all I have to keep me from falling apart. Hopefully, my outgoing supt.will be able to bring some of us over to her facility in a year. My boyfriend instead of reassuring me Monday evening said the fact that I want to move up the right way with my career instead of making back door deals was “talking stupidm” He called last night and tonight like nothing is wrong. I stay on the line for about 5 minutes then I have to hang up. I'm going through enough already. I don't need anyone telling me what I feel and believe is stupid. I just want to keep my distance right now.Last week, he said I close myself off too much and don't open up or talk. What he said the other night is exactly why. My mom says the same thing&when I talk to her, she is quick to tell me no&I don't feel that way because this is how I should feel. So I just close up because it is safer that way. I get sad because I would love to talk & share things with someone but not at the expense of others discounting my thoughts and feelings. I don't do that to others, so I don't understand why I have to be subjected to it.

  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    You sound thoughtful and wise.  Sounds like Mom and BF are on the wrong trrack!  Betraying yourself to the thoughts and opinions isn't useful.  Stick to your guns!

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  2. t1969 12 years ago

    Thank you for your encouraging words.  I will certainly try to stick to my guns despite the struggles.  Thank you.

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