This is an update on my parents and how they are doing since so many have asked.  You are sweet to ask and be concerned I appreciate it more than you know.

My dad is very weak, his kidneys are failing fast and he told me this last weekend he could feel his body dieing.  The doctors have said there is nothing more can be done for him it's just a matter of time.  It's even too late for dialysis.  I look at him and see how tired he looks and watch at how weak he is just to walk into another room takes so much out of him but he still insists on driving to their doctor appointments and to go eat.  I pray each time I know they are going out because anything could happen to them.

My moms heart doctor told her last week that the 3 valves they replaced in her heart are leaking that whenever the blood passes thru the valves are crushing the red blood cells and now her hemoglobin is very low.  He upped some of her meds but he still isn't sure that will help.  She is still on oxygen but now all the time she can't walk anywhere without it or do anything she even has to sleep with it on.  She is very weak and can't do much and when I'm there I try to do things for her that she worries about like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and doing some laundry.  I too have a  hard time doing all that with my physical disabilities but I do it anyway because my problems are nothing compared to theirs.

So that is where things stand right now with them.  I keep thinking I should prepare myself for the time when their passing comes but I dont' think you can ever prepare yourself for something like this.  I'm not ready to lose either of them I feel like I just need more years to be with them.  I try to distract myself during the day so I don't cry so much but it's hard, so very hard to do and I come in here at nighttime to just have some conversation to get my mind off it and I do so appreciate all of you who have asked how they are doing and continue to pray, you're very sweet for caring and I love you all…

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  1. Dancer 11 years ago


    thinking of you and sending you ((hugs)) xx

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