There is light. I have been going through depression for about 8 months and I am finally coming out of that dark cloud shell! I am so happy, and I haver never been so happy in a long time! It took a lot of hard work and trust in myself to overcome. Sure, certain days I get down but that's normal, it's a thousand times better than having that depression hang over you every moment of everyday. 

How I got out of my depression was, I did what I wanted to do.  You know how they say that you can accomplish your dream no matter what? Well, I always thought that was a bunch of bull, one of the reasons what caused my depression, was I was living pay check to pay check trying to pay my bills… I felt that I would never be able to go to school because I worked at a full time average job, and I was soo tired of being average. When my grandparents passed, it was so hard because they were my insiration to keep going through life and to become what I always wanted to be. I always wanted to go back to school to become an art teacher.

Finally, one day, out of the blue as I was driving out of my driveway, I had a huge breakdown. I started screaming in my car…I got out and my mom was standing at the porch end. I walked up to her and said, "enough". I called work and kindly stated what was going on which was somewhat embarrassing, its hard to say to an employer that you're depressed, makes you think that you're some kind of freak ball… well, they totally understand and they offered me the job back anytime I wanted which is great.

I went down to the university got my papers together, and now I am a full time student~ I always wanted to have this dream, and I finally feel that I am on my path, this is where I am supposed to be.

My advice, sit down and think whats bothering you. If you're tired of being "average" or think that you will not overcome this depression or anxiety. You can. Just do it. Look at it straight in the eye and say, "You wil not conquer me."


I also go through grieving which is hard for three grandparents that passed, but there is hope to get through it. If anyone needs to talk about anything, I am completely here, my heart is so open and I finally feel FREE!!!

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  1. Katymyster24 11 years ago

    Thank you all for reading my blog and your kind words, that means a lot to me.  I am so thankful that I came across this place, because I thought I was the only person that went through this since I was never to talk about it with family and friends, they were "normal". 

    I hope that all of us can fully overcome, sometimes if that happend,I think, wow, I would have a lot of time on my hands, what the heck would I worry about?! All that control from anxiety and depression gone, I wouldn't miss it at all though that's for sure~

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