Last night my two oldest daughters (5 & 7) are going on and on telling me how wonderful life is at their father’s house. How all they have to do is ask for money or a toy and they get what they want, and how they wish they could live with him because he doesn’t force them to do chores. That when they get older they’ll take him in and take care of him when he’s old and that they’ll be happy they don’t have to listen to me any more. On and on about how wonderful daddy is and how fantastic it life would be with him. Meanwhile this is the same man that finds himself hard pressed to see them even once a month, who almost never calls then or returns their calls. Who lies to them every time the talks to them. Who has made plans and promises to them countless times and stood them up and left them crying more times then I can count and hasn’t paid one red scent in care for them. Yet I feed them cloth them house them take care them when their sick and sad. I read to them and play with them and make cookies with them and take them to parties, yet he’s a bloody saint in their eyes and I’m the nasty drill sergeant they want nothing to do with. I don’t want them to feel like they’re not allowed to love their father just because I don’t, but I’m sick of being dumped on by them we’ll he gets elevated to god like status after treating them like shit just because he buys them a toy that I can’t or hands them a twenty when they ask. It gets on my nerves so much I just wanted to yell at them ant tell them to shut up about their dead beat father. Go ahead go live with that loser, then you too can grow up and be a useless drain on society, you little ungrateful #@%*!

Am I just over sensitive to the matter?


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